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This is a simblr. It is not special. It is not a beautiful and unique snowflake. It's the same decaying pixelated matter as the rest of the internet. Hi, you can call me MJ. 21/F/NY.

I sat on the cold, and probably wet - I couldn’t tell at the time - bench of the subway station. Crowds of people quickly swarmed around me as they hurried for their arriving trains and I could have sworn someone had stepped on my foot at least eight times in the past five minutes. I crossed my legs and shoved one foot comfortably under the bench where I would not have to suffer another shoe scuff or sore toe. A few trains had already left and the station was beginning to clear by the time one man stepped in front of my line of vision. I was daydreaming; or something like it; my mind constantly flooded with thoughts that at the time did not make sense to me, or even matter. Or, maybe they did and I was just too lost to even bother to make the connection.